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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy aims to enable and support you to participate in everyday life. Our occupational therapists do this through therapy sessions based around your goals, and by working with you and your community to modify your environment or occupation.  Initial assessments are done in order of priority but generally completed within seven days with the report to follow shortly after.

Types of assessments or treatments carried out by our occupational therapists include:

  • Equipment request and/or training

  • Home modification assessment

  • Assistive device request

  • Dexterity training and upper limb rehabilitation

  • Vehicle modifications and driving assessments

  • Assessment of personal support needs (personal care)

  • Coordinating respite care

  • Housing assessments for participants requiring specialist disability accommodation

  • Transport assistance

  • Orientation and mobility training

  • Supported employment evaluation and training services

  • Interventions designed to help children reach their developmental goals, such as play-based therapy

  • Whole-of-life personal planning

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